Energy Storage

TEN NINE works with industry-leading manufacturers of lithium ion (LiIon) energy storage systems to design, optimize, deploy, and operate energy storage solutions for applications including microgrid, energy resilience, demand response, demand management, energy arbitrage, ancillary services, and energy resiliency.

As LiIon systems continue to achieve economies of scale with the rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market, these systems are repidly becoming cost effective solutions for stationary deployments in behind the meter applications. By leveraging the team’s extensive experience in both the solar market as well as with energy efficiency and demand response, TEN NINE is uniquely positioned to help your facilitaty evaluate and deploy energy storage.

The TEN NINE team has the collective skills to handle all of the financial, legal, permitting issues, interconnection and engineering demands of the any larger-scale energy development project.  The leadership team’s experiences include services for large industrial companies, large commercial facilities, and utility clients and as developers & consultants as providers of energy solutions.

TEN NINE works with your team to evaluate key aspects including:

  • Deployment type: Whether indoor or outdoor, AC- or DC-coupled, etc., TEN NINE will help your team understand the costs and benefits of each solution type.
  • Ownership structure: The TEN NINE team helps you evaluate whether energy storage ownership, lease, or shared savings structures are best for your operational and financial needs.
  • Technologies: TEN NINE designs solutions using best-in-class technologies, including both nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) and lithium iron phosphase (LFP) LiIon technologies from industry leading manufacter relationships.
  • Teaming: TEN NINE works with leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms to cost-effectively construct your solution, enabling your facility to maximize the benefits of deploying energy storage.
  • Financing: TEN NINE provides an integrated solution with the full capital stack through its relationships with national and international financial partners.

TEN NINE has extensive experience with unique situations, which enables the team to provide flexible solutions for your facility’s needs.

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